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11th ellement

Handmade Jewelry by Leticia Larson

    Growing up in Brazil I was always fascinated by the colors and shapes all around in those found in butterfly wings, spiral-shells, sparkling stones and exotic flowers.

    When I started studying art in College I wasn’t sure where my love for drawing shapes and colors would take me. It was on my first job while looking through my employer Rene Lalique's jewelry book when discovered how I could apply my passion. I took some silversmithing classes and read books and got more interested in stones and gems, but I was never able to buy equipment and supplies to proceed in that path in my home country.

    I came to the United States in 2003 looking for opportunities. I found a job at a stained glass company where I am still currently working today.  At that time the company was building windows for a Temple in Brazil. A lot of Brazilian agate was used in the Temple and it was because of the agate that I met my husband, a rockhound by nature. When we married I was dreaming about the day I could transform all his rock collections in jewelry. Sixteen years later, he gave me a cabochon machine and set up a small studio. I am now finally able to pursue my dreams. Time goes by too quickly.

    Using my hands to create my own jewelry projects has been my dream since the day I looked at that Rene Lalique book on my first job. I enjoy creating new things by beginning with the stone and working around the natural beauty that it possesses. My art teacher used to say “There is no limit for imagination”. There is always a new idea or design inspired by what nature already has to offer.
I am looking forward to exploring new materials and learning new techniques.

    The name Elleventh Ellement was created by searching for words with the letter L ...since the letter L is very constant in the life of my family.  Do what you Love...and Love what you do.
I am blessed to be a wife, a mother and live in the United States.  

Thanks for stopping by and reading about me.
Leticia Larson